Using both Note Performer and Halion

I am simultaneously using Note Performer and HALion Sonic SE for playback. For one piece the Playback Template is Note Performer, while in another it’s Halion. Regardless, everything seems to be working and I’m not noticing any differences in behavior between the two pieces.

Are there any implications, gotchas, etc that one should be aware of here?

You can have as many different VST players as you can find, and use them in different projects, or even together in the same project.

I regularly have Noteperformer and two other VST players in use in all my projects, without any problem.

I wasn’t clear enough in my question. I was under the impression that Playback Templates were designed to work with specific VST players. As far as I know, Dorico only allows one Playback Template per project. What are the implications of using the Note Performer Playback Template with a HAlion player (or visa versa).

You can define your own playback template that uses any number of different vsts…

See this video…Custom Playback Templates | New Features in Dorico 3 - YouTube
(There are some differences in how Play mode works in Dorico 4, but the principles are the same)

The ‘factory’ installed Templates just use one VST each. But you can define your own templates, using Noteperformer for Strings, HALion for piano, and other VST players for other instruments.

The only ‘implication’ I can think of is that if you set up the VSTs manually, then re-applying the Noteperformer Template will reset everything to NP. But if you create your own Template, then you can apply it again to get your mixed output.

Thanks for response, but this (and Janus’ reply) doesn’t really answer my question. What I’m asking about is that it doesn’t seem to make any difference which template I use? Maybe I’m overlooking something obvious (happens on a regular basis) but I’m using an HSO Template against Note Performer VST and everything appears to behave properly.

I understand that if I have the need for some specialized technique that is not in the standard templates then I have to make a custom template - but other than that? What am I losing (if anything) by using an HSO template with Note Performer VST - and visa-versa. Thanks!

NP is special in that it doesn’t have a playback template AFAIK, it just internally figures out how to route things. But the problem is it only does that if by default it is the only playback VST. Kind of annoying, but you get around this by first setting NP as your VST for your instrumentation, then switch all the ones you want over to something else, then saving that as a configuration.

At least that’s how I think I did it. I wanted a template where there were sketch instruments on NP, and everything else on BBCSO. Well I also saved this as a file template, and that may have been the right solution.

Actually is does. It is the factory template called NotePerformer! It loads NP as the VST for all instruments and assigns the NotePerformer expression map to them all.

Nothing. All you need is the VST (correctly loaded with the samples you want) and the Expression Map.
The template is just a ‘saved’ instance of VSTs and Ex maps.