Using CC11 (Expression) with Kontakt 5

I suspect the answer will have something to do with Expression Maps but I hope not since it worked in Cubase 4.5.2.

I have an instance of Kontakt 5 (full version) with 4 instruments: trumpet, alto sax, tenor sax, and trombone. I want to create a sfz effect on a particular note. In 4.5.2 I would open a controller lane for CC 11 (Expression) and draw the “V” shape in there. It worked beautifully.

I’m now trying to do the same in Cubase 6.5. This is my first project created using this version of Cubase, and I have spent the morning searching through the manual (and paying particular attention to the Expression Maps / Note Expression section), and using Google all to no avail.

Can someone help me understand how to do this?

It should work exactly the same.
Are you using the same sound in Kontakt that had worked previously (it does depend if the preset in Kontakt is set to respond to CC#11).
Cubase won’t filter out the controller data unless you specifically tell it to do so (either in Preferences>MIDI>MIDI Filter, or on the MIDI/Instrument track, by using either the Input Transformer or a Transformer Insert FX).

No. I previously bought Kontakt 3 before buying Komplete 8.

So there is an option for it? I’ll have a look in the meantime but if you know the answer please post it.

If you will use classical MIDI CCs, it will be exactly same. Note Expression works with VST3 only. The difference is, you can draw different curves for different notes. And you can do this even they are on the same MIDI channel.

Yeah, it’s not working for me at all using CC11. I’m not trying to use Note Expression or even articulations since I’m not creating music starting from a score but am instead recording directly into MIDI tracks.

Now that you’ve mentioned it, I do seem to recall that I changed an option somewhere (was it Cubase or Kontakt 3?) that allowed this to work.

Or am I dreaming / having deja vu? :frowning:

I found it on the NI forums finally.

CC11 is not added as a modulator in those patches. Do the following:

  1. Open the patch for editing (click on the monkey wrench icon)
  2. Make sure “Edit All Groups” is turned ON
  3. Right-click the Volume knob in the Amplifier section
  4. Select “External Modulators->MIDI CC”)
  5. Set the first number (which is by default 1) to 11
  6. Set the number next to it (which is by default 0) to 127
  7. Adding some LAG won’t hurt, set it to 50
  8. Save the instrument