Using CC121 to scrub and edit Cubase

Hello to all. I’m brand new to this forum and am currently using Cubase Elements on a trial basis. So far, I like it and will likely purchase. Very quickly, some background and then to my question.

I was a radio production director and sound engineer back in the mid-80s through the late 90s. I started as an intern engineer at an (gasp!) analog 16 track recording studio. I also did professional voice over work, which is what I am thinking of getting back into. I have experience with some older non-linear editors such as SAW Pro, Pro Tools (late 90s) and, my favorite, Orban Audicy. I am hoping to duplicate the scrubbing feature of the latter.

I’m easing back into the DAW and recording scene and realize things have changed since I was active.

First (and most importantly), How well does Cubase scrub audio using the CC121? Anyone who is familiar with the Orban Audicy will be familiar with how great it was with editing with a scrub wheel. I’d love to duplicate this functionality as I come from the old school “edit with your ears not your eyes” (although I do edit looking at the screen of course). Latency? Hesitation? Think how it sounded and worked scrubbing and editing 1/4" tape (for all you old timers). I’m looking to be able to fly around the workspace quickly using the surface controller by using the wheel and assignable buttons.

Secondly, would love assignable keys so that I can preview/scrub, then cut with a button push, select waveforms, and move them around in addition to the standard stuff like transport controls, zoom, panning, faders, etc. It looks like the CC121 does all this.

Sorry for the lengthy post but I’m eager to hear from folks who are up to date on the latest and greatest.

Thanks for reading!

It’s quite smooth, and faster/better than tape, since there’s no actual transport motors, bands, heads tape stretch etc., etc., etc.

Check out the key commands dialog, search for ‘shuttle’ and ‘jog’ and assign some keystrokes, and look through the list for other functions you want and play around. I would wager you can safely raise your expectations.

Steve, thanks for the reply. That’s encouraging for sure. One more quick question: Can this be done with the Avid Transport as well? Can I “lock” the wheel on the transport to always scrub (rather than having to go back and select scrub from the menu each time I need it)? It seems this is possible with the CC121 but the Avid has that nice weighted wheel.

I don’t know about the individual controllers.

ShuttleeXpress from Contour is usually a better tool for that than cc121. It is cheaper but CC121 has a lot of other features too. However many transport functions for scratching has been broken since cubase 8.5. (There is also a big brother ShuttlePRO that might be a option)