Using color on notes and rests for performance instructions

I need to color note heads and rests or apply a markup transparent color to indicate performance effects described in words. Can Dorico do this?

You can change the colour of selected notes and rests using the Color property in the Common group in the Properties panel. You can also change the colour of text items in the same way if you wish.

Thanks. I selected Color in Properties

. What next? Moving the cursor on rests and notes has no effect.

Click on the black box
It’s next to the word Color
Now choose your color!


Thank you for the solution. That black box is invisible against the background black in my current settings. How can I alter the contrast of box and buttons to background?

You can’t, except by switching to the light theme in Preferences.

Might I suggest a contrast setting? Thanks for the help and merry Christmas happy 2024.