Using Cubase 12 Pro with the UR22C Interface

Hi, this is my first post and use of the forums, and am hoping what I am doing is correct.
Have got Cubase 12 Pro up and running, along with asst’d plug ins. Decided to ‘retire’ my previous audio I/F and bought the UR22C unit (usb 3.0). However the manual is saying before use with my computer, I need to install: Tools for UR-C, FX Suite, Cubase AI, Cubasis LE. None of which I want to install, as have full versions of all items (or alternatives). Suspect Tools may be required, if that has drivers as required? Can I just install Tools (or drivers only) as all others will never be used and it just wastes space on my PC.
Thanks in advance…

Ho and welcome to the forum,

Yes, the Tools contains the driver. You gave to install this. The test is optional.

Cheers - just what I was hoping…thanks