Using Cubase 5 with License 7.5

Hello! I purchased Cubase 7.5, I have understood that you can use all versions prior to 7.5.
I have visited the site to get off the Steinberg version 5 but not, I just found the update, I would like to get the full version 5 in Spanish, as I can get it?

thank you very much

The only version available in full on the website is Cubase 3, to provide backward compatibility with Cubase VST “.all” project files. See: Re: Cubase VST Song import in Cubase 4 and later: a solution - Cubase - Steinberg Forums. Only updates are available for all other versions.

If you want to use another version you’ll have to get hold of an installation DVD for that version, and you’ll be able to run it using your 7.5 dongle.