Using cubase 8.5 on a mac with multiple screens

Hello everyone,

Sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

I’m experiencing some troubles with Cubase 8.5 on my MacBook Pro (core I7, 16Go, Macbook internal + 2 external monitors, Mac OS El Capitan) :

I try to organize cubase windows at specific positions (for example : the mix console on my left monitor, a VST (Halion 5) on my right monitor, and the project window on the center monitor ie the internal macbook monitor), everything is fine and ok but if i close any cubase window, say for example the mix console, when i reopen it with F3 it will reopen on the main monitor (the centered macbook internal monitor), not the one it was when i closed it…
Maybe someone can tell me how to set Cubase windows to reopen where i decide to organize them ?

Thanks in advance


Hi and welcome,

This is a known bug of MixConsole window on Mac OS X.