Using Cubase 9.5, how exactly do you return an edited track back to Cubase?

I am seeing all the references in Cubase to this possiblilty, and in fact, from a pull down window in Cubase I see I can send a track out to Wavelab. However, once the editing is done, there seems to be no way to return the edited track back to Cubase. Does it not work with WLE? Bummer if true, but I still wonder then why 1/2 of the process actually works? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance for any info or help.

And yes, I have all my inputs and outs set up and connected in WL. Oh, and yes, sending to the cloud is there from WL.

You’re looking for this button

Damn, THANK YOU! Man, you have made my day! This is a great feature.

Another question? This process is also presented by Izotope’s RX5 plugin and it behaves the same way,1/2 of the job with no way to send the event back to Cubase 9.5.1… It did work in Cubase 6.5. Do you have any experience here? I have created a ticket with Izotope but have not heard back yet. Thanks for any help, Romantique!