using Cubase Artist 8 in two computers

I’ve just bought Cubase Artist 8 and I’d like to know how to use it in two computers to avoid forgetting a dongle in a computer. I can do it buying another dongle?

No, you would need to buy a second license and a second dongle.

That is bullshit!!
Same buying some pants and only use them inside the house! Does a license cost the same as the complete product?
I’m starting to dislike this Steinberg politics…

Yes, by license I mean product. When you buy a software product, you’re actually just buying a license to use it. This is from the Reaper purchasing page (

“Your license allows you to use REAPER on one computer at a time”.

C_ocko?s don’t include the means to enforce that rule, but if you break it, you are technically breaking the license agreement.

Steinberg however, do enforce the “one license, one computer” rule by storing the license information on a dongle instead of your PC.

Edit: Just saw this: “Multiple REAPER installs for use by the same person are fine (home/studio/laptop, Win32/x64/OSX).”

That’s pretty cool, but pretty unusual too.

Other companies force you to activate over the internet, which is worse than a dongle in my opinion.

Well, that sucks! :frowning: buying something for this price and not able to use it as work places demand!

But i can install it on different computers as long as I place the dongle, right?

Wrong. You can use Cubase anywhere you want, even outside of the house. You just can’t use two instances at the same time, much like the pants. For example, if you wanted to leave a pair of pants at home and another pair at work (to avoid transporting them), you would have to buy another pair. Would you say that is “flower!” also?


Just one thing more…
I have 2 computers, one in my rehearsal garage, another at home (200km away). The computer in the garage doesn’t have internet. How do steinberg know if there are 2 computers using the same license at the same time?

Steinberg does not need to know. Cubase does not work without the dongle plugged into the machine zou want to run cubase on, hence no internet connection needed, just the dongle.

So if one day I forget the dongle in my garage, travel 200km and remember my usb licenser is in the garage, I’m f**ked, right?
Why the hell there isn’t an app for your mobile that could do the same as the dongle? Plug the cellphone to your computer and voilá! I always have my cellphone with me…
Just sayin’…

What will then happen when you forget your mobile in the garage?
What happens when you forget your home keys in the garage?