Using Cubase Artist 8 with Artist 9 license


I have two licenses of Cubase LE AI come from hardware bundles (UR242 & Yamaha MG10XU). One license I upgraded to Cubase Artist 9. But second I want to use on an old computer which have 32bit system. Therefore I use the same Cubase Elements 8, upgraded from Cubase LE AI 8.

Since my license for Cubase Artist 9 is on USB dongle, I can put it on that old computer with Cubase Elements 8 and use Padshop Pro, Retrologue2, Triebwerk and Hypnotic Dance - the licenses of those synths are on my USB dongle.

And here is the question. Can I somehow install Cubase Artist 8 for this old computer? If yes, where I can get installation without purchase, because I already purchased Artist version and I am only one who works on both computers simultaneously using USB dongle. Artist 9 cannot be installed, because it is 64bit only.

Some will say - buy a new 64bit computer! :slight_smile: I know, I know. But it is not that simple for now.

You can download Cubase Artist/Pro 8.5 here:

Your license willl automatically turn it into Cubase Artist.

Once you get a new computer with a 64 bit OS, get jBridge if you have to use 32 bit plugins. This is a much better option than running old versions of Cubase.

This second computer is on site where I come very rare. But last few days I am there and composed two new compositions and five new sketches outside of my regular studio. Therefore I need here something similar to my studio and Artist 8 (and 8.5 too) will be more closer than Elements 8.

Thank you very much!

Yeah! I’m happy now! Thank you very much one more time :slight_smile:

Downloaded un installed. All works fine. Great!