using Cubase as a midi port with MOTU 128

I am using Cubase Elements as a midi manager along with my M-AUDIO/M-TRACK as an interface, and I was wondering if I can use Cubase Elements to accomplish routing midi signals from one keyboard to several others, and then change to another keyboard controlling a different set. I don’t mind changing projects to accomplish this. Or is there a better way? I was told by a tech rep at Steinberg support that I would need the Pro version. I was hoping that I could use the Elements version or maybe the Artist one.

This is my first post. I thank in advance anyone that can help with this.


A fuller explanation of exactly what you’re trying to accomplish might help. The title says MOTO 128 yet you also mention a M-Audio/M-Track…are you using both devices or just one. You should certainly be able to send signals from one keyboard to others using Cubase Elements but do you want them all to be playing the same notes? Do you want some ranges filtered? Can you see the MIDI outputs of your devices from within Cubase?

Thanks Nic for offering help

I am using the M_AUDIO device as an interface to Cubase. I was having problems with Cubase not working through my computer headphone jack and also this way I can record through the XLR inputs.

What I amm trying to do is to use Cubase as a MIDI manager. The MOTU express XT comes with software that allows you the ability to have one keyboard operate two others and a rack and at the same time have a different keyboard operate another one. And save that setting for one use, and then the other setting for a different use, and so on. So that I can call up one configuration and then for a different song, call up another.

While Cubase can do this I would think the software that comes with the MOTU is a much better fit as that is its designed purpose whilst it’s just a small part of Cubase.

Still not sure exactly what you want to do, if it’s to use Cubase as a MIDI patch bay then even Elements probably can be made to do something along this lines but I think the dedicated XT software would do a better job unless you want to be using some of Cubase’s other functions at the same time.

Hi Nic
The problem with using the MOTU XT software is that you need to have the MOTU XT unit. I have the MOTU 128 which does not support the software. So I am trying to decide whether to keep this unit and try to get the Cubase Elements (or Artist or Pro if need be) to do what the software can do. Otherwise I need too invest another $250 in hardware. At this point, I probably should just sell a few keyboards and cut down to 3 or 4, and work this out on a smaller scale. There is so much happening these days with sounds that I can get without keys. Maybe I should just go that way. Thanks again for your help, Bear
PS: Can you offer any help on how to use Cubase in a live situation like how to set the project up and so forth.