Using Cubase on 3 laptops (one at a time)

I have three laptops, two at home and one at my studio. The main one at home is Win10 only and I run Cubase on it sometimes with my MODX on USB, the backup home laptop has Ubuntu Studio and Win10 (but the Win10 partition stopped working, needs a little fixing so I haven’t put Cubase on it yet), and the one at the studio has Ubuntu Studio and Win7. Can I use Cubase on Win7?

I have an E-licenser dongle but I haven’t been using it yet. I wanted to put Cubase LE AI Elements on all three, and carry the dongle around. I had AI 10.5 that came with the MODX, and then I bought Elements 11, but so far it seems like I only have Elements 10.5? Perhaps when I bought the upgrade from the free version that came with my MODX I was only eligible for 10.5 when I thought I was buying an upgrade to Elements 11 (I think it was $50)?

Now I also have a UR22, which I like for microphone inputs better than the MODX. So I might switch back and forth for different tracks (am I the only person who would prefer to leave both the MODX and the UR22 connected?). But to do that I might ‘render’ any midi tracks to audio tracks to have them available once I disconnect the MODX, or connect the UR midi out to the MODX midi in and employ and additional audio mixer or route the audio outs of the UR22 into the MODX audio inputs and have to re-program the routing and mixing within the MODX (grumble). I recently bought a UR44 used on eBay. I wonder what kind of issues I might discover switching between that too?

Any suggestions on that 3 laptop plan?


It depends on the Cubase version. Current Cubase 11 is not supported on Windows 7. Cubase 10.5 is fully supported on Windows 7.

Yes, this is the right way. Install your Cubase to all 3 computers. Where do you plug the USB-eLicenser to, you can start your Cubase.

It depends on the date of the very first activation of the license (your update license to Cubase Elements in this case). If you activated the license at the date (or after) Cubase 11 release (to be precise, after the date, when the Grace Period started; in the last years, Steinberg offers the customers who bought Cubase around 1-2 month before new Cubase release, the latest version).

Trigger the Maintenance task in the eLCC application. If you were allowed get the latest Cubase 11 license, the license would be updated during the Maintenance process.

No, this is totally valid.

You don’t have to switch. Use UR44 as your Audio Device and MODX as your sound generator.

Cary on the USB-eLicenser might be annoying. Consider, if you really need 3 computers. As far as I understood, once of the computer is backup only. In this case, you could use only 2 computers. And you also have 2 licenses (license 1 came with MODX, you updated it to Cubase Elements; license 2 came with UR22). In this case, I would probably install Cubase Elements to the main computer and Cubase AI to the other computer. Then you don’t need to cary the USB-eLicenser on.

Moreover USB-eLicenser free Cubase has been announced by Steinberg. The release date has not been defined yet, but we can expect, it’s coming. So you could stay with this 2 licenses solution without the USB-eLicenser until the time, when Cubase will be USB-eLicenser free. After this, we expect, you will be able to use 1 Cubase license on (at least) 2 systems simultaneously (same as the competitors offer). Then you could install your Cubase Elements to both computer (or maybe even all 3 computers, who knows…?) without caring the USB-eLicenser on.

Oh thanks so much, very helpful.

Actually I bought the UR22 used on eBay several years ago and it didn’t come with a Cubase license code. I am very happy with it. I didn’t fully understand the bit about the license for Elements 11/10.5? I bought the Elements 11 upgrade, obviously, after it was released, you must mean something else. I was running AI 10.5 just fine at the time I decided to buy the Elements upgrade, so I must have ‘rights’ to 10.5 at the very least. I do believe it is possible for me to transfer my license from the laptop onto the dongle, it must be straightforward and if not Customer Support will help.

I have questions about installing Cubase 10.5 on my Win7 laptop.
This laptop, an 8 year old Asus K55, runs very well for its age and all, but I bought this Lenovo as a replacement in the eventual end of its life. One problem is that when I put it in my office, I got a Kensington lock and I forgot the combination. There is no internet connection at my office, so I would like to download the Cubase 10.5 installer and all the updates from download site onto a USB stick and run the install procedure offline. Would that work?

I sometimes use the office laptop for teaching about music technology. It has Ubuntu Studio on it, as well as Audacity and PreSonus Studio 1,2 but I would rather have Cubase 10.5 as an option. Of course I mostly use it for office tasks like making up repair invoices and keeping tax records ( I am an authorized Yamaha service center, with California State repair certification).


I mean, if you have Cubase Elements 11 license, you can start Cubase Elements 10.5 too.

It’s just mater of drag and drop the license from the right side of the eLCC application to the USB-eLicenser icon on the left side of the eLCC application.

Yes, it would.

Sorry, Cubase is not Linux compatible.

Oh my thank you so much!

Yes, the Win7 Asus K55 laptop is dual boot, obviously. I forgot to mention, I also have mixbus on there, which runs on both Win7 and Ubuntu Studio. Pretty slick software. Now if I could just get it to work better with USB… (wishing there was a Steinberg USB driver for Linux ;^})