Using Cubase Pro 12 on more than one computer

I’m a bit confused about the licensing for Cubase Pro 12 these days. I have it installed on a PC, but would also like to use it on my laptop, so I can work away from the studio and transfer between the two. Is that allowed?
I also have Cubase 11 installed on the same PC. I think, unlike 12, that can be transferred between computers by moving the USB e-Licenser from machine to machine; but I’d prefer to just use 12 Pro on all devices.
So, what is, and is not, allowed?

You can authorise Cubase 12 on three computers. You can install Cubase 11 on any computer as long as you plug the usb licenser in.

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Thanks, mkok. That’s handy.

Does that apply for Cubase 12 Artist as well?

Probably a good idea to read this:

Thank you, Steve. Sorry for late response!

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