Using Cubase Pro on two machines?

I have Cubase Pro in my studio on a Mac Mini but I also need to be able to transfer projects to my MacBook Air for editing. I have cubase elements on the laptop but I need to use group editing which I believe is only available in Pro. Do I have to buy another Cubase Pro for my laptop in order to do this? Any advice would be welcome on this topic. Thanks, Dylan _Fowler

hi Dylan

Yes, group editing is a ā€˜proā€™ feature:

The licence is tied to the dongle/elicencer, so if you donā€™t want to move the dongle then yes you are going to have to buy another dongle AND licence.

I have zero inside information - but one of the steinberg staff on her implied we might see changes to the current dongle implementationā€¦no timescale was given however.

Personally, I like the dongleā€¦makes life simple (for me!)

If you donā€™t intend to use both machines at the same time, and you have at least one USB dongle, you donā€™t need another dongle.

Move the one with Pro to the machine you wish to use it with at the moment.

Also, a dongle with a Pro license on it can run all of the lower and older versions of Cubase. I.E. Run Elements using a Pro license. Say you have a Cubase 11 Pro key on a usb dongle. With that dongle, you could also run Cubase Pro 7, Cubase Elements 8, Cubase Artist 10.5, etcā€¦

My understanding is the rule with moving keys around is this:
If you ever register it to a dongle, you can use eLicenser software to move it to another dongle, but not to a soft eLicenser.

Once you put a key on a dongle, it can never be put on a soft eLicenser (unless they change this in the future).

As far as I know, you can also keep keys for both Elements and Pro on the same dongleā€¦or even more than one key to the same version, etc. Not that itā€™d make much sense to do thisā€¦but possible if you are in a situation where you want to temporarily stash them all on the same one for some reason.

Can Cubase run from a soft eLisencer? Iā€™m not sure, never tried it, but if it can, then you can use your MyStienberg account to release the key from one machine, and then activate it on another. Again, once you put it on a USB dongleā€¦can move to other USB dongles, but canā€™t go back to the soft eLisencer method.

Cubase Pro ? no

My advice is never move your soft elicencer stuff to a dongle if you can avoid it - as you point out, itā€™s a one way moveā€¦no moving back.

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Understandable, but I like the dongles since I donā€™t use laptops very often. The only one I own is old enough that it still has USB portsā€¦a little extension cable and velcro pouch keeps it stashed away neatly.

Aside from the laptops with no USB port thingā€¦love it. Easy to move from machine to machine with little fuss. I do own two of them, so I can divy up my many Stienberg titles as required for different machines.

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Many thanks for your reply Brian,

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Many thanks for your reply - yes it would appear simple enough just to move the dongle between machines.
Yes the group editing is an excellent feature.
All the best,