Using Cubase to control hardware with a plugin

I have a Bricasti Reverb and have this plugin:

This thing is awesome. I have another older Lexicon reverb pcm 91. Is there anyway to control this with a plugin or something else so I do not need to move the knobs on the unit itself?


You can control Lexicon pcm 91 via MIDI messages.

Is this what you are talking about?

If so how do you get the “SysEx identity code” for the pcm91?

Actually I don’t know, what MIDI data does your Lexicon ask for. You can find it in the Lexicon ppm 91 MIDI Specification.

Okay, thanks. I found this:

I will give this a go. It is a vsti plugin and not a normal vst which it sort of different for my thinking but it should be okay. I have never really got the midi thing totally down. I understand basic stuff like the different channels and so on. I just use midi for keyboard input to the daw and midi 1/0 for my mackie controls. Though this is basic and there is a preset patch used in Cubase for the Mackies so this is very easy to set up.

I also have a Eventide H3000 that I would like to set up but I do not have anymore midi 1/0 so I have to pickup another midi interface to get that going. Once I get the Lexicon working I will order a midi interface to get the h3000 going.

Have any of you guys used MidiQuest11 for external efx processes? It seems like most of the users are for keyboard or samplers. Basically stuff for creating music vs mixing music but they should all work the same way as they are all midi.