Using Cubase to create DJ style mixes, example included

Hi all

I’ve been experimenting recently using C6.5 to make DJ-style mixes. I’m aware that other software is designed more specifically for this purpose but I enjoy using cubase and I wanted to see what kind of results I could get.

Using music I see as innovative and futuristic, I made a set that manipulates and re-edits the original tracks as well as blends them together. It’s an experimental, sci-fi inspired piece that uses styles I’d like to hear more of in the future. I also wanted to create something that would stand alone as a composition rather than purely showcase other people’s music.

I tried to blend the tracks together as subtly as possible and really build them into one another. It features automated panning, effects and re-arrangements of the source audio.

I hope this is of interest to a few people out there. I’d like to hear what you make of it and I welcome any comments.

I was also wondering if many people had done anything similar? If so I’d appreciate any links to sets people have made plus people’s thoughts on mastering a full length mix.


68 minutes, 320kbps, 172 bpm.

  1. Blu Mar Ten – Blue Skies
  2. Ink & J Dub – Craze D Minor
  3. Triad & Synth Sense – Past Present Future
  4. Atmospherix – Full Force
  5. Blocks – Undercurrents
  6. Linden – Letting Go
  7. Overlook – Mirrors
  8. Autechre – Second Bad Vilbel
  9. Data - Termite
  10. Phace & Noisia – Micro Organism
  11. Phace – Channel Feed
  12. Amoss – We All Grow
  13. Rockwell – My War
  14. Icicle – Time
  15. Ink – Hidden Dreams
  16. Sabre, Noisia & Icicle – Quarters
  17. Noisia & Amon Tobin – Sunhammer
  18. Rockwell – Full Circle
  19. D Bridge – Seven Year Glitch
  20. Scenic & Advisory – Altered States
  21. Blu Mar Ten & Rochelle Parker – Sweet Little Supernova

:bulb: :bulb: :bulb: Beware, I get a virus alert from that download link! :bulb: :bulb: :bulb:

Hi Strophoid, what software generates the virus alert please? I’ve used Mediafire for several years on two different PC’s and never had a problem.

Great gonna grab this one when im near computer. What was your work progrees, tempo detection and time stretcing, editing and matching? This kind of futujungle as i call it is breeze to mix with traktor btw, it detects tempo and all, id use this cubase method only with oldschool stuff ripped on vinyl as you can correct several things. But tnx for sharing and doing smt ive only thought about doing for experiment if nothing more.cubase=no limits just as this kind of music has really no bounaries.cheers and greetings from Estonia!

It’s not mediafire, it’s the actual file. As soon as I hit download it pops up some java script gen called JS/Dldr.Expack.AX.
Avira Antivir.

I can assure that my PC and the file I uploaded are perfectly clean. Apologies if this is problematic for anyone. I’ll resurrect my Soundcloud account so the mix can be streamed from there.

Yeah I’d like to hear it actually :slight_smile:
I wrote a quite long response to your original post but that somehow got lost, probably when I edited it to say I found that virus in the file. It went something like this:

Cool idea, I’m sure you can do great mixes in Cubase, because you get to tweak every little bit in detail. I don’t think you could mix ‘live’ though.

I’d like to see a screen shot of the project.

The process was: import audio file, hitpoint detect, set snap point, stretch grid, activate musical mode, drag to desired position, flatten realtime processing, set in/out fades & edits, effects, repeat process.

There’s probably a more efficient way, which is why I wanted to raise the discussion. Still, I enjoyed doing this and I’m happy with the result.

It certainly would be no use live, but it’s good to have the level of control cubase offers and be able to edit tracks into one another.

I’ll post up some screenshots later from my home computer and get the mix on Soundcloud.

Yes, Cubase works great for these kind of mashups.

I did something similiar in Cubase a while ago. A cut ‘n’ past mix (Style mainly (Northern) Soul and Funk). I stashed 46 tracks in 35 minutes, it’s possible to do it live when you properly mark your records, but this was a whole lot easier and more accurate (took more time then doing it live though :laughing: ).

M.O. Recording tracks from 45, determine the average tempo’s of the tracks (average because most Soul and Funk from 45, has no fixed or constant tempo’s). Provide the pool with the tempo’s of each track and cut and past away.
For pitching and stretching I used a mixture of mainly tape style and some occasional timestretch.

I’ll give it a listen, thanks Niles. Using 45’s sounds more challenging than my selection of digital releases!

The mix is now up here Stream Future Rhythm by rambling hiker | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

And the project file looked like this

Feel free to listen, download or share and I welcome any feedback.

I use this method a lot for mixes - you can do some really clever stuff.

However, there’s a big problem which also effects tv & film composers.

If you warp several tracks and use a lot of tempo changes Cubase eventually just grinds to halt when editing long mixes in the arrange window - It can take several seconds to move parts or adjust tempo nodes on a tempo track.

I actually think there’s a bug going on here as mpex continues to have several ‘quirks’ in use.

I’m enjoying this!

Great stuff! Downloading right now to have it in the car - mmh maybe I shouldn’t for risk of speeding tickets… :sunglasses:

Thanks, glad you like it, and back at ya. Your mix is “rambling” out of the speaker here, nice moody stuff :sunglasses:

Watch those speed limits, as a fellow-countryman I know its better to bring the euro’s to the music instead of the state :wink:

If anyone feels like a dose of sci-fi darkness this weekend get my set downloaded!

I just saw ur, post i have the steinberg ur 22 and all I wanna do right now is record my mixes, This is just a hobby for now and I am not the most techy person, I can get my laptop to see the interface but having trouble recording, I think it’s in my setup in the software, please help, lol

this was an eight year old post

there will no help provided with that limited information from your side