Using Cubase to record electric guitar


I know this question has probably been asked thousands of times, and that the answer is probably very simple, but i was wondering how i can use my Steinberg Cubase LE AI Elements 9.5 to record my electric guitar through my amplifier.

The laptop i am using the Cubase LE AI Elements 9.5 application on is a HP Pavillion running windows 10. I am using an Epiphone SG, hooked up to a Line 6 Spider V amplifier. I do have a small Behringer Xenyx Q802 USB mixing board that i could use, if needed, as a gateway to recording on the Cubase application. I also have available headphones for playback and other stuff.

So, with that in mind, how can i record the electric guitar from AMP to CUBASE. Could i do it via USB? Would i need to use the mixing board? Or would i need to do something different? Just thought making a post on here would get me a nice quick and detailed response so i can get up and running with recording some tracks :smiley:

Kind Regards,

Sam :smiley:

The product description of the Line 6 amp says “USB Recording and playback” so you probably could - certainly it is expklained in detail in the manual.

Okay cool. But what on Cubase do i have to select in order for that recording to happen straight from the amp?

The correct ASIO driver and input connection.

How do i know which is the correct ASIO? And by input connection, presumably you mean either USB etc?