Using Cubase with Google Hangouts On Air

Hi everyone, I’m surprised I haven’t found much written on the subject besides this, which was a good start:

I’m using Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 DSP as interface. I’m using Cubase 7.5 as DAW. All I’m trying to do is sing along to tracks, with some reverb on the voice, and send it all out to Google Hangouts On Air. I’ve now installed the suggested V-Cable (virtual audio routing software) and have set it up as the output bus for Cubase’s main out. However, I still face the following issues:

  1. The latency introduced by V-Cable is unuseable. 40 ms in my case. When I watch the test recording in GHOA, the sound that comes out of my mouth is very late (compared to my mouth movements). Maybe there is a better virtual audio router out there?

  2. I cannot hear myself at all during the session – my hunch is I need to setup a second output bus and route that back to my headphones thru the Saffire’s software mixer. But I cant do that because my Saffire ASIO driver is disabled in favor of the V-Cable.

  3. Playback of the Hangout seems to choke on the data – every now and then the audio seems to slow down then released. Too much data to buffer?

Has anyone successfully set up their Cubase/Saffire to send properly to Google Hangouts? I’d love some assistance here…hopefully I can achieve the results without an analog mixing board.