Using Cubase with Massive

I’ve heard a lot of producers mention stuff like “doing bass in massive” and then somehow importing it to Cubase. I have the trial version of Massive right now and am totally at a loss as how to use the two programs “together.” I’m reluctant to buy Massive until I’m sure it is possible for me to do. Any tips on how two use the two programs together, or how to use Cubase with another program in general? Alternatively, a link to a website with in-depth tutorials on how to do that sort of thing would be great too. Thanks!

What is this “Massive”, you are talking about? Is it Native Instruments’ Massive? If so, isn’t it just another VSTi synth? In that case, more information, please. What’s your problem?

If you installed Massive specifying the correct Cubase plugins folder it will appear in your VST instruments list.

Choose it, hook up a keyboard and start ‘doing some bass’. Basically, the synthesizer plays live insise cubase as a virtual instrument.

If you need to know more, not being rude, but you gotta read the manuals dude!

Yep, if installed right you can just add an instrument track in Cubase and select Massive as instrument.
This works, I’ve done it before :sunglasses:

Massive is not easy by the way, it has many great presets but there’s a whole lotta settings in that synth!

That would actually answer my question. I did not realize Massive could act as a VST plugin. Thanks.