Using Cubase with RME for headphones

Hey guys,
Im using Cubase 13 with RME UCX and wondering if I can use totalmix to route to my headphones.
The problem is, im trying to use totalmix in “DAW” mode which basically means I have to do all the routing in cubase . So im trying to split the master signal coming out of cubase into 2. one for AN 1/2 (Studio monitors) and the other for PHONES (headphones). so that in totalmix I can do the routings, how does one go about doing this?
if this is confusing let me know I might be able to post a video about it to visualize


So, you want stay in daw mode and do the routing in totalmix?

Total Mix has some of the most powerful routing facilities out of all audio interface manufacturers on the market. However, DAW Mode effectively disables all of those. I see absolutely no benefit from using this mode.
My suggestion, disable DAW Mode and enjoy the freedom of routing inputs, outputs and software playback channels however you please.


This ^
I use an RME Fireface 800 and TotalMix, not in DAW mode. Save Snapshots of different routings. I never quite understood the need for DAW mode.

@xerix - I guess that you use Control Room in Cubase (?).

My case is UFX 2 and TotalMix in not-DAW mode.
In “audio connections” panel for CR, I have monitor-1 bus and phones bus configured.
Monitor-1 routing goes to its respective channels (in my case analog 1 & 2) and so is Phones bus routing ( in my case analog 11 & 12 - original headphones outputs).

Then in CR window I get individual panels for monitor and phones with their exclusive insert slots.

In TotalMix window it’s necessary to feed your phones outputs only from respective source (in my case analog 11, 12) and not from the main output (in my case analog 1, 2) and vice-versa for the main monitor output in TotalMix’s Software Playback row. You can save your config snapshot in TM.

I can’t help with DAW-mode in TM however - I’ve never used it and TM is so convenient without it IMHO.

same here, seems a lot cleaner & more strightforward


Yeah I think your right man – I just have to reduce the faders of whenever im tracking guitar or vocals so that it doesnt go through both total mix AND cubase but its no biggie I could snapshot it as a preset.

thanks for the tips – I just ended up using “Full Mode” in total mix and started working on the headphones but cheers