Using Cubase with video

I’m hopefully going to be doing some work with a filmmaker - cleaning up the dialog and adding some music. They are going to be using Premiere Pro with the edit.

I know they can export OMF/AAF and I should be able to import into Cubase Pro (?) but I’m looking for some tips in getting things running back and forwards successfully. For example if they do a re-edit can I do some kind of re-conform so I don’t have to work out what’s changed and move files around manually ?

thanks everyone :slight_smile:


Only Nuendo can re-conform.

Hi Martin

understood - but I have cubase not nuendo. Do people have a workaround ? I know I can use reaper and vordio to do this but obviously I’d rather use cubase. Are there any 3rd party products that could help (AA translator) ?

It seem steinberg have put OMF/AAF import in cubase pro but haven’t really fleshed out the details