Using Cubase without Internet connection...

I had some Internet connection problems so I unplugged my Ethernet cable,
but then Cubase 8 kept releasing my Babyface Pro audio interface…

I thought my Babyface Pro was messed up or something… is this a Cubase 8 issue?

I don’t see why it would drop the driver because of no internet…Could just be coincidence it started happening now and something else is causing it.

Assuming you have either Pro or Artist there is no need for internet connection once your license is on the dongle.
Can you describe better your problem…when it happens, is it recoverable just by reselecting the driver, give some basic info about your system??

Maybe when you unplugged the Ethernet cable you knocked loose the cable to your Babyface? Just yesterday I messed up my garage door’s sensor light by whacking it with a hose.

I use cubase without Internet.never had an issue.