Using different drum agents in one instance of Groove Agent 5

I can load a different agent into Groove Agent 5 (acoustic agent in 1, percussion agent in 2, etc) but can I access the different agents from two different midi tracks - e.g., by assigning slot 1 as midi channel 1 and slot 2 as midi channel 2?
I’d prefer this to having multiple copies of groove agent open (which is what I do at the moment).
The only way I can see to do this is to re-map the instruments in one of the drum agents. I’d prefer not to have to do that, although I guess once done and saved I’ll never have to do it again!!

Thanks for your reply - yes, that’s how it’s set up. And the midi channels are correctly tracked to midi 1 (acoustic agent slot) and midi 2 (percussion agent slot). But I only get 1 drum set working - hence loading 2 instances of groove agent and having one kit on each. Oh, and both my midi drum tracks are pointing to the correct instance of groove agent.
It’s very strange!!

In the Track’s Inspector make sure the MIDI Channel is set to “Any” - this will cause it to play a Note on whatever MIDI Channel the Note is assigned to. But if the Inspector is set for example to Channel 1, then all the notes will be converted to Channel 1 during playback.

I’d already tried that one, raino. I didn’t work! BUT… I have resolved it myself!
The issue was caused because I was using a drum map (my own, based on output that I eventually route to a beat buddy) - this is based on the General Midi drum map where ALL output is routed to midi channel 10!
The resolution was to amend the drum map so that the acoustic kit sounds (slot 1, midi 1) are routed to midi channel 1 in the map; likewise the percussion kit sounds (slot 2, midi 2) are routed to midi channel 2 in the drum map.
Thanks for your assistance everyone - although you didn’t give me the solution, you pointed me in the right direction.
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