Using different techniques same kontak

I´m trying to use different techniques from VSTs not Halion ones, for a single instrument and single staff but I can´t find the way.

Right now the only thing I´m able to do is to create single Kontakt player for each instrument/technique, but then I can only assign one per instrument. So this means if I want the violins plays pizzicato and spicatto in some moment, I need two different staffs, assigned each one to a different kontakt player, as the Kontakt player in DORICO don´t let me create for each midi track different techniques. (i.e. pizzcato MIDI 1, stacatto MIDI 2, etc.)

I´m sure there is a way but didn´t found yet…

You should be able to assign one vst instrument per voice (since version 3), should this solve your problem?


You can do this using Channel Switches. Load the Arco patch in channel 1, pizz in channel 2. Then create an expression map and add the Natural technique with an Absolute Channel Switch of 1. Add a pizz technique with absolute channel switch of 2.

There are two logical ways to do this imo 1. is Paul’s way 2., which I prefer in the right circumstances, is to create your own custom instrument by adding missing patches from a different compatible instrument. If you can’t do this, you’re left with Channel switches (or different voices but I personally find that less elegant).

On Channel switches, you can also use relative switches if the two channels are always in the same relationship to each other but may not always necessarily be the same channel numbers if you have different instrument set ups. Start with 0 for the base and then 1 for the relative.

I’m going to attach my setup for violin 1 at least. I got part of an expression map from another user here, and have customized it as I like it. It’s not totally done yet, but it gives you an idea of the process.

Do you have VST samples that have keyswitches? Because if you weren’t aware, keyswitches and channel/relative switches are two ways to get multiple techniques.

For example, I have East West Symphonic Orchestra (Gold), and most instruments have a master keyswitch patch. The master keyswitch patch covers most of my needs, and then I add a new patch for everything else. Those new patches are connected via relative channel switches.

In my violin example, my main violin patch is “18V KS Master”, or 18 violins keyswitch master. This covers literally everything except for accents, which I found a good patch for (18V Accent sus mod), and muted or con sord (18V Sord Slw). Take a look at the picture attachment and import the expression map into Dorico, it’ll give you an idea.

I still could spend AGES refining this, and it’s only a single instrument, but it does give you a lot more flexibility over playback, and as far as I know only Dorico has this functionality. Eventually the dream for me is to get a top tier sample library, and make my expression maps expansive enough where I can notate all kinds of stuff and the playback will use the right tool for the situation. Good luck.
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