Using different version of Cubase from my account on 2 different laptops

I have 2 versions of cubase linked to my account AI 9 and elements 11. On my main laptop, I have elements installed and its working fine. I got another laptop for using in live set ups and wish to reactivate AI 9 on it. When i go to reactivate, its asking me to reactivate AI9 and Elements 11. I dont want to disturb the setup of my main laptop where Elements 11 is installed and only wish to reactivate AI 9 on the new laptop. Can you please tell me how to reactivate 9 alone? My software licenser shows both and am hesitant to proceed incase i use up the reactivation of 11 unnecessarily

Did you upgraded the AI 9 to Elements 11?


Select the correct Soft-eLicenser to deactivate, please.

I think i may have done. I cant remember. Could this be the reason? Is so, is there a way to install cubase 11 on 2 diff laptops with the same license i have?


You can install Cubase to any number of computers. But with the Soft-eKicenser only one can be activated in the given time.