Using different VST instruments for different passages on the same staff

I’m working with a snare drum part that switches from brushes to sticks and back. I’m using NotePerformer for most of my playback, and I prefer the sound of it for the part played with sticks, but it doesn’t include any brush techniques for snare drum.

So, I set up a second snare drum instrument, manually mapped it to Halion, and set up the brush techniques. Then I gave both instruments to the same player.

It worked … kind of. Everything appears on one staff, and it plays back correctly. But it’s two instruments, “snare drum 1” and “snare drum 2”, and it includes “to snare drum” instrument change labels that I don’t want. I would just hide the labels if I didn’t have other, valid instrument change labels in the score. I can’t find any way to hide the instrument change labels for just one staff, only a way to hide them all. But even if I did that I would be left with unwanted “snare drum 1” and “snare drum 2” staff names I can’t figure out how to change.

I can still think of some workarounds to get it to do what I want, but before I go down that road I wanted to see if there is perhaps a more sane way to accomplish what I’m trying to do – which is a single snare drum part that switches between sticks and brushes, with the different techniques played back on different VSTs.

Two things : you can hide the instrument change label using the property “custom text” and using a space or a hard space in that field. And you can use NotePerformer — as long as it triggers another channel for its drums, and manually change the drum type in NP’s mixer (the instrument name is actually a drop down list). Hope it helps!

Thank you for your reply. Removing the text in engrave mode is what I was referring to when I said I could still think of some workarounds, but that still doesn’t take care of the staff being labeled either “snare drum 1” or “snare drum 2” depending on which instrument is playing.

I don’t understand your comment about NotePerformer. My understanding from other things I’ve read about it is that it does not have any brushed snare drum sounds. So, using a different channel wouldn’t help if the sounds are not there.

Here’s what I meant…

Don’t believe everything you read :wink:

In Setup Mode, edit the Instrument name of the 2nd snare and add a space to the front of the name.

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Thank you, that worked. It was not remotely intuitive but I did eventually figure out why it worked.

So, I thought I knew where I’d do this, but I was wrong. I assumed I could go into engrave mode and get rid of the text. I haven’t been able to find what you’re referring to – not if I want to change it on just one staff (vs the entire layout)

Dear JasonE, here’s what I meant — Engrave mode it is.


Also note the properties changes in this example are set on locally so it should not affect any other Layout.