Using dongle on new Mac - registered on PC

Hi folks

I had the good fortune ( :confused: ) of having my PC crash a few months ago. I’ve made the move to Mac and have just installed Cubase Studio 4 on it. I’ve tried to open the program, but I keep getting an error message. (It just says ‘1’.) I figure this has something to do with the dongle.

Firstly, what colour is my Cubase dongle? (From something I’ve read today, I’m guessing that Cubase doesn’t even use dongles any more, so I hope someone has an answer to this!) I have Cubase and Wavelab and the dongles have always sat unseen at the back of my tower. It’d help to know which one I’m meant to be using. One is a light to medium blue and the other is an inky-bluey-purple.

Am I meant to re-register my dongle? How do I do this?


Cubase does indeed still use a dongle. The older ones were longish I believe - not sure about the colour, the newer ones are short and blue with a red LED.

You should install and run the latest eLc software,

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