Using Dorico on another Computer

Hi, so I have been using Dorico and so far I quite like it.

I have it installed on my desktop PC but I also have a laptop in which I’d like to use it as well
I entered my steinberg (personal account) and there it recognizes that I have Cubase 9 PRO and Dorico 2 (elements) registered. But on the downloads page I only see CUBASE and no Dorico. How do I get the software on my laptop than?

And is there a way to use without USB elisencer plugged in? or do I have to plug in the USB every time? I wish Steinberg would get rid of that requirement. I paid them quite the $ for them to take my comfortability into consideration

thanks for help/answer


You cannot run Dorico (or Cubase) on multiple machines without the USB elicenser being plugged into the computer on which you are using the software (and the elicenser must remain plugged in while you use the software).

I use the Steinberg Dowload Assistant to load software. If all you see are Cubase options, check below for a checklist of other programs.

What is the process for installing Dorico 2 on a previous Mac computer which has Dorico 1 on it? I suppose buy an E-Licenser is the first thing. Then download the Dorico 2 on the older computer? The E-Licenser, which I sometime plug into the older computer, and of which I have no experience, will magically realize what I’m trying to do; then give me a Dorico option. And then, if I keep it plugged into the older computer, the E-Licenser will let me run Dorico 2 on it?

81-year-old trying to use Dorico which I prefer over Sibelius (sometimes)

Dorico 1 and Dorico 2 are separate programs. You can have either, or both, on one computer. They have separate licenses.

If you have a Dorico 2 license on your E-Licenser dongle, you can plug that into any computer to run Dorico 2. What the E-Licenser does is stop you running Dorico on two computers at the same time without buying another license. You can install Dorico on as many computers as you like, but it will only run when the E-Licencer is plugged in.

You don’t need to move your Dorico 1 license onto a USB-eLicenser if you already have it activated via the Soft-eLicenser on the same or even another computer. If you already have Dorico 1 installed, all you have to do is buy the Dorico Pro 2 update, then enter the activation code you’re provided with the download into eLicenser Control Center. Provided your Dorico 1 license is found, it will be updated to a Dorico 2 Pro license, and then both Dorico 1 and Dorico Pro 2 will run on that computer.

Hi, I’m new to this Dorico forum.
I have crossgraded to Dorico 2, I am very satisfied with it, but even I am among those who use the same software installed on desktop and laptop for the comfort you all know.
I also wish there could be a solution to be able to use the same software without necessarily having to move the USB from one computer to another, it can often happen to forget it and if you are traveling or in other situations like this, everything gets complicated .
I hope there can be an effort in this direction, I adore Dorico2 and I would also like to evaluate the crossgrade to Cubase, but one of the things that still holds me back, I admit, is the dependence on license on USB for the needs described.
Currently I am not in a position to plan the purchase of double licenses for each software.
Greetings and … long life in Dorico;)

Thanks for your feedback. Please be assured that we are working diligently on the successor to the eLicenser technology, which will enable more flexibility in licensing without requiring any additional purchases.

Thanks so much Daniel,
In the meantime I’ve purchased the USB, but I’ll stay tuned for good news from you. Dorico have changed my notation and composition comfort in a way that I’ve prayed for years on other software.
I’m sure your effort will give us other great news.


Does anyone know if Dorico 3 now has a better alternative to the e-licenser?

No, there is no change to the eLicenser system for Dorico 3.

I’d love Steinberg to adopt the same technology that allows me to authorise Waves plugins on whichever computer I’m working on. As someone with a studio Mac Pro, a laptop MacBook Pro, and occasional sessions in other studios, it’s so easy to send my Waves licenses back to my Cloud and then authorise on a different setup. Also for security if I’m traveling I can send all my licenses to the cloud until I need to use them. Please Steinberg! Dongles are tiny little things…

Do you know if there are plans to change this in future versions? The thing that keeps me from switching to Dorico is the fact that I have to use the USB-licenser if I want to work on both my laptop and desktop or buy two copies. This wouldn’t be a problem for me if I could make a backup in case something were to happen to my USB, but since there isn’t a way to have a backup on a computer simultaneously, I don’t want to risk the alternative of spending another $560 to not even fully solve my problem.

It’s been discussed many times. There is certainly a change coming, but timeline is not clear.

If you lose or break your computer, you’ll be able to get a reissued code.

Yes, please don’t worry. We have customers numbering into the seven digits using the USB-eLicenser with our various products, and although it can be inconvenient, it is on the whole reliable and our support team will always help you if you get into difficulties.

You can use the ‘Reactivation’ feature to activate Dorico on your second computer without using the USB-eLicenser, but there are limits to how many reactivations you can use for a single license.

I’ve the Dorico Pro 3 license on my USB eLicenser and need to open Dorico on my second computer, a MacBook Pro without the USB key that I need to left plugged in the Desktop iMac.
I’m interested on how to apply the reactivation procedure for this purpose. Thanks

You can’t use the reactivation process to run one license on two computers simultaneously.

Unfortunately if you’ve moved your license to your USB-eLicenser, this isn’t possible: the reactivation process is only for licenses stored on Soft-eLicensers.

Ok Pianoleo and Daniel, thanks for your replys, maybe in the future I hope for a more flexible way to ensure a two computer managment to customers.
Anyway thanks for your support

Is it possible to run Dorico SE and Dorico Pro on the same computer?
Context: I usually use my studio desktop with Dorico Pro and the USB license dongle. I have Dorico Pro on my laptop and I take my USB license dongle with me when I know I’m using Dorico Pro away from my desktop. I’m looking for a solution for when I have my laptop but didn’t expect to be using Dorico Pro but find that I would like to do some composing/collaborating. Could I install Dorico SE and do some of the work in SE then save the files to use in Pro when I return to the desktop? I’ve been doing this using an older copy of Finale on the laptop, exporting to MusicXML and etc. but it would be nice to use a pure Dorico workflow.

If you have Pro, you can launch Dorico using SE. Just hold down Ctrl (or Cmd on Mac) while launching Pro, and it’ll launch as SE.