Using DoricoBeep instead of Halion

My laptop, used occasionally when traveling, has a small drive that’s too full. So I deleted Halion off my computer. I’ve tried using DoricoBeep, but am not hearing anything. I’m a frequent user of all Dorico modes except Play.

  1. Can I use DoricoBeep to hear the score and check the notes, all as one sound quality? Or is that not its intended function?

  2. If so, what do I need to change so I can hear it? I’m using Dorico 4.3.
    In Play mode, I tried changing Routing → HALion Sonic SE to DoricoBeep, with no sounds heard.

In theory it should be possible, but at the moment I’m not at a computer that can launch Dorico, so I can’t check. In early versions of Dorico that was possible, I just don’t know if DoricoBeep gets listed in the drop down menu in Play mode where you can add VSTinstruments instances. So if you can instantiate DoricoBeep, then you should be able to reassign each player to send MIDI to DoricoBeep(s) instead of HALion Sonic.

And if that does not work, you could just use the GM presets of HALion Sonic and delete all the other contents. The GM sounds are really tiny in comparison to all the other stuff (like HALion Symphonic Orchestra)

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Now that I am at my normal machine again, I quickly went through and did a quick test and yes, it does work.

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Thanks very much – I’ll try that soon.

To use the GM preset, I would have to reload HALion Sonic again, correct? Then what files would I delete?

Yes, you reinstall HALion Sonic and then you only need the HS SE Basic contents pack. It is best to open the Steinberg Library Manager and to remove unwanted contents from there.

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Aha, that solution is much better than my beeping idea.

Does the new Iconica Sketch use less space on my (very full) disk drive? If so, can I minimize HALion’s size somehow? I’m not seeing anything about Iconica here in Steinberg Library Mgr:

Dorico (& other Steinberg software) uses the HALion Player to drive Iconica.

Oops, I mistakenly downloaded Dorico 5.1 SE instead of Pro…

Thanks for that, Derrek.