Using drumpads to trigger VST


I have a Roland TD12 Vdrum kit. I am using it to trigger drum instruments on track in Cubase 8.5.

Working on a Mac Pro (trash can), Midi TimePiece AV, I have the signal path for the midi pretty much setup and going. The TD12 is seen by Audio/Midi Setup and recognized by Cubase.

The issues I am having involve the various samples set to the various triggers. When I use the TD12 sounds themselves, all the triggers hit the samples in the head just fine. The snare articulations, hi hat variations (open, close, various spots) and snare variations all work fine. When I use a sample instrument (I’m trying Slate Drums right now) the triggers are not hitting the correct samples. Yes, I understand there is a midi note number assigned to each part of the drum triggers then set up to trigger the various parts of let’s say—hi hat. I am getting the samples to trigger, I am not getting the open and close of the hi-hat having the effect on the Slate kit inside Cubase. The pedal on the hi-hat is not affecting the slate kit inside Cubase the way it affects it’s own sound module inside itself.

I know this has to be settings. Any ideas that anyone can share would be appreciated.


Look at the slate plugin, it should have a Roland mode, or drum map.

Each provider, may it be Roland, BFD, Toontracks or XLN uses his own note scheme. Look for a profile like TD12 and you should be fine. If not, you may have to set this manually.

I think there are a number of ways in which hi hats work, Slate may need CC4 so check if the Roland tranmits that. The TD12 is a discontinued product btw.

There are essentially two ways manufacturers seem to use with hats in my own experience.
one is to map each articulation to a note number, the second is to use tip, shank and heel mapped to note numbers wit cc4 used to control the position of the hats… for editing the later is preferable as you’re dealing with fewer note numbers.