Using dual MOTU Ultralite Mk3

I’ve recently switched from Cubase Elements 7 to a trial of Elements 8 - I do quite like it so far, so when the trial is up I’m actually thinking of buying one of the non-elements versions (I think “Artist” suits me best.

But I’m having a bit of an issue using a pair of MOTU Ultralite MK3 audio interfaces. They’re both connected by Firewire, because in the studio I want to be able to have two separate MIDI chains. That has been working absolutely fine so far - one rack of MIDI stuff connected to one Ultralite’s MIDI out, and another rack connected to the other Ultralite’s MIDI out, and an old synth as a controller keyboard using one of the Ultralite MIDI ins. All the audio has been going through one of the cards, but I’m expecting to need to expand onto both soonish.

Anyway - that was all working fine, until last weekend, when I bought a Novation Impulse controller, and a Mininova. I’ve got over the issues everybody else has had with Novation’s Automap software not having a Cubase 8 template yet, thanks to a post elsewhere on the forum, and manually set up all the links etc - the Impulse works fine with Cubase 8 now - I have separate issues with the Mininova, that I’ll post separately.

But since I installed the Impulse, Cubase won’t run if I’m using both MOTU interfaces. Switching one of them off (or not switching one of them on when the PC boots up) isn’t enough - I have to physically pull the cable and reboot the PC before Cubase 8 will run. If both Ultralites are turned on when I start Cubase 8, then it will fail while it’s initialising stuff. If I leave one of the Ultralites off, and then turn it on after Cubase 8 has started, Cubase will tell me that that extra Ultralite won’t work until I reconfigure the ASIO driver, and when I click on “OK”, Cuabse 8 stops working.

Sometimes it simply stops working, and sometimes it completely freezes the PC.

And because this only started happening when I started using the Impulse, I uninstalled all the Novation software, drivers etc, and removed the Impulse from the equation (and the mininova), uninstalled Cubase, rebooted, reinstalled Cubase, and the problem has not gone away.

Is anybody else having any issues trying to use two Ultralites?