Using Dynamics in Sample Editor?


I recently purchased Cubase Artist 8. I’ve used Cubase 5 for a long time and you used to be able to apply Dynamics directly on a specific part of audio in the Sample Editor. For example, I would apply the DeEsser on specific parts instead of the whole track.

But it seems that now it is no longer possible to do that, when I right click on the audio in the Sample Editor, under Process I no longer see Dynamics or the DeEsser.

Am I missing something?


You should see this in Audio menu, in the plug-in sub-menu list.

This feature is only in Cubase 8 Pro.

Thanks guys.

Wow, now that’s really unfortunate.

I’m trying to see the RMS meter, but I don’t see it, is that another Pro only feature?


Which meter do you mean exactly, please?

The loudness/RMS metering I imagine you are talking about is part of Control room which is only in Pro.

If you specifically need R128 metering Steinberg’s own SLM128 (free) plugin is an option…if you just want rms there are plenty of free plugs around.

There is a comparison chart here that may help you to see what else is missing.

Thanks Grim!

Yes that’s what I was referring to. I was afraid this was only in the Control Room. One thing I dislike about Steinberg’s videos is that they almost never tell you if the feature is for Pro or not, so you end up searching and searching only to find out you don’t have it.

I’ll check out some plug-in!