Using earlier versions of Cubase

Can I use my Cubase 10 dongle in SX3? I need to open some old Atari Cubase 2.0 arrangements.

I’ve just tried using the C10 dongle in a laptop, SX3 running on Windows XP…no joy! It’s not recognising the license!

If you open Atari saved arrangements directly into SX3 you won’t see any data in the parts. You first need open and save them them in Cubase VST32. So you actually need both. And I know VST32 doesn’t read the new USB dongle for sure and needs a serial to work. Maybe best to send an email to Steinberg support explaining the situation?

Hi thanks Nickeldome. As you say nothing in SX3 or SE as stated by Steinberg. I will send a message today to see what I can do. I will copy your reply for them.

Not sure if you tried this version? I think this one should recognize your elicenser?

But then again… Some 5 years back I converted a few dozen*.arr’s in SX3 to *.cpr’s and I notice that that all the ones originally created on PC played fine in the latest version of Cubase. But all arr’s originally created on Atari had no data in the parts. That’s when I found out that you first need to open and save them in Cubase VST32 (the last version to support the arr & all formats) and then you can convert them in SX3 or SE3. Hope they can help you with this?

If you still have the old blue Parallel Port VST32 dongle, here’s how to get a license code that works on an elicenser: