Using Engrave to move staves from one page to another

I have piece for brass quartet and organ, thus consisting of 6 instrumental staves in groups of 6 on each page (in page view).
As the attached file shows, page 1 has only one 6-line group, while page 2 has two groups. Subsequent (not shown) pages 3-8 also display two groups while page 9, the last, displays only one group. There’s space on p. 1 for two groups, so I’d like to move the top group on p. 2 to (the bottom of) page 1. Then I’m hoping the other pages will automatically rearrange so that the score winds up with 8 pages of 2 groups. I’ve been unable to pull this off, however. Nothing I’ve tried puts the top p. 2 group onto p. 1. I know that in Sibelius this sort of thing can be easily done by “making into” systems and pages, but I’ve been unsuccesful with such a strategy in Dorico Engrave (where I suppose this is done.) I guess my problem is that I don’t yet grasp Dorico’s sophisticated concepts of flows, systems, frames, and pages and how to recombine them. I suspect its simple, but I’d appreciate some suggestions.
P.S. Thanks to those who reminded me how to get .dorico files onto the forum by zipping them. (1.03 MB)

Here’s one possibility - in Layout Options (on Mac, Command-Shift-L), or under the Setup menu in Setup mode, change your Space Size from 3 (7.0 mm) to 4 (6.5 mm); this is under the Page Setup tab. You can also play with settings in Staves and Systems, Vertical Spacing, etc.

I’ve found that making adjustments in Setup mode works much better than using Engrave mode to make these adjustments - but there are also commands in Engrave mode that will do the trick - in the left-hand panel (command-7) look under “Format Systems”.

In Engrave mode, click and Ctrl-click on the first and last notes you want on page 1 - for example the two bar-rests in trumpet 1.

Then click “Make into Frame” - the last of the three “Format Music Frames” icons in the left hand panel.

Job done!

“Insert Frame Break” (the first icon) is the wrong tool to use here, because Dorico might then use two pages before the frame break, not one.

The best way to understand what the various options do is make a copy of the score and just play with formatting it, until the light comes on in your brain! The “Undo” command is your friend here!

In the Dorico-supplied format, there is one music frame (blue box) per page and the music flows automatically between the frame on consecutive pages - so “pages” and “frames” are pretty much the same thing. But it is possible have more than one music frame per page, and also to select which instruments in a music flow are displayed. That’s how the “parts” layouts work, of course - each layout displays one instrument from the full score by default, but if you want to make a printed part containing two or three instruments, you can do that using the options in Setup Mode.

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Thanks Rob :slight_smile: