Using EWQL samples in Cubase 8 (License issues)

Hi, I’m not technologically savvy so if I leave out any important information, tell me!

I am wondering how to use the samples from EWQL in Cubase 8. I can only figure out how to use the included samples. Can someone walk me through the process of using the EWQL samples?

Thanks all.


You need to install EWQL Play and add Play as an instrument track in Cubase. All of the info about how to install Play and load your libraries is included in the docs that were provided with your purchase of EWQL.

Hope that helps get you started!

Thanks; I’ll look into that later today. I appreciate the help!

When I double click an instrument in Play, I get the “Play could not verify the license for ‘so and so’.” message.

I am googling the heck out of this and nothing has helped. My ilok account doesn’t even show any licenses, though I’m fairly certain I activated my licenses (it was six months ago, so I could be mistaken).

Looking at my ilok license manager, it days I have no licenses. Supposedly I should have a 20 digit code on a sticker on the EWQL box, but I see no such sticker. Was the license “automatically deposited to my account?” If so, why is Play unable to verify my license?

Ask East West support.

The authorization instructions are in the Play manual. You do need a an Authorization Code that you should have received with your purchase. See

From that page:

Please see the following steps to activate your product:

  1. Go to > > and download the Installation Center.
  2. Run the installer. The application will start automatically when the installation is done.
  3. Log in with your account.
  4. Open the Menu by clicking on the icon at the top right and select “Register Authorization Code…”
  5. Type in your 20-digit code and hit “Submit”
  6. When the license has successfully been authorized open the Menu again and click “Refresh”
  7. You will now see your license listed under “New Licenses Available.” Click the Activate button and choose the activation location.
    Now you are ready to download and install your libraries using the download button next to each library