using Expression Maps Question


I´m using the usefull Expressionmaps (for VSL and EW) since some weeks.
And generally I´m really happy with that.

But there is one thing wich is not so nice for me.

The default articulation is Sustain.
And when I stop playaing back, it change to sustain.

And when I want to play in fast things, I need stacatto or so, but the original Keyswitches dont work when the Expression map is on.

How can I change to a other articulations while using expression maps?

Thanks for hints

It was discused here before (not so long ago). Try to find this thread. I hope, it will help to you.

Thanks Martin,

I found the thread…

And it helps totally.
For me it works perfect enough when the last articulation stays active - wow!

chears, Jörg