Using external 5v 1A or 2.4A power for the UR12

Hi All,
Having some drop out sounds issues with my UR12.
Plugged into USB (using the USB power via computer). Tried USB 2.0, 3.0 ports on laptop and also Hub with Power.
Do have a 5V 1A, 2.4A USB charger/DC power plug available (from my USB 3.0 Hub) and USB cable with the right fitting connector that fits the UR12.
Will this be ok to plug into the UR12? If, ok, Which would be better - 1A or 2.4A?
Sorry if this seems like a silly question!

I had dropout problems from day one of getting my new UR22c. Have just about managed to sort it now but bus power has always been fine. The UR12 shouldn’t need external power unless using with an iPad.
If power light is flashing though, a 2.4a supply would be fine.

Thanks Danr for your input.