Using External Effects - where to put them

I’ve just bought a couple of external processors, a valve EQ and valve compressor. I have set them up as external effects in Audio Connections. I am new to external gear so am unsure where and how to use them. I can see that I could use them as an insert on each track in turn but moving them from track to track and then doing a mixdown would be laborious. How do I set them up to have the effects on the main mixdown for all tracks?

On the main out.
Am I missing something from your question?

No, perhaps I am. tried it as an insert on the Main Out and changed the settings on the compressor as it did the Mixdown but I couldn’t hear the changes.

No, sorry I must have donr something wrong the first time. ADMINS PLEASE DELETE THREAD

@PeteJH Threads are not deleted here.
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