Using FADER on Behringer X-touch MIDI controller v1.1.66

Buttons like play/stop/cyrcle/rec/mute/etc… are easy “Learn”-able, they are working fine. For faders it looks complicated. Simplifying this with doing “VSTLive learn” while keeping-under-touch the fader /(bypass note-on/off “touched” msg), at least try to use it as a simple MIDI-ctrl fader (w.o. motoric/touch capabilities)/ level change is working now, but e.g. fader 0dB is not at VSTLive channel 0dB. Also after releasing fader, it “jumps back to bottom end”, I guess because it didn’t get required/update volume info from VSTLive.

(I wanted to “write changes” to SEND level, that feature has been newly added to VSTLive.)

Showing examples:
SEND LEVEL : workind from inf-to-max

FADER LEVEL : first 2cm movement from inf., reaching -40dB on HUI → App Fader level is at -10dB
HUI fader on 0dB → App Fader level is cca +3dB.

What am I doing wrong?

Probably nothing.

a) of course this is a problem when learning, and the device sends various different messages. For touch fader, I’d suggest to touch the fader, then activate learn, then move fader but keep it touched while Learn is still active (it has probably disabled “Learn” automatically after receiving the first fader movement, but just in case).

b) there is a bug in VST Live when evaluating Pitch bend Data, sorry. Will be fixed with the next update.

c) MIDI Input to visible fader conversion is not linear, we’ll check that.

Thank you!

I’m sure, full motorfader support will be a great thing later on time (that sends signal backwards also), that will eliminate or fasten up connecting portable gig HUI’s also.

Sure, no problem :slight_smile: