Using Finale after Dorico Crossgrade

Good evening,
I would like to know if I will be able to use Finale once I have done the crossgrade with Dorico. It would be very important in order to open old files…!

Thank you very much!

Welcome to the forum! Yes of course! You don’t give up your Finale license, you just need to show that you own one.


You can still use it: you just won’t want to as often.


Hey now, Finale is great

…for opening old projects so I can convert them to XML… :smirk:


And the great Maestro fonts (now have SMuFL version available for free).

P.S.: I love Bravura, but some of my acquaintances don’t love that (and they prefer Maestro).

As a long time but former user of Finale I’d love to know how to obtain the Maestro SMuFL font (Maybe Broadway Copyist too) and use them in Dorico.

You can download the Finale Demo, and select only the fonts when you install.


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MM have now released the fonts as a free download installer. See my post here: