Using Flock Audio Patch

Does anybody have a Flock Audio Patch patchbay? I recently bought one and am lost on the routing within Cubase. I use an Apollo X8, together with my analog gear into Cubase 12 Pro. I can easily track into Cubase using the Flock Patch, but I would be so happy if someone used it and can let me know their i/o routings within Cubase. Also- do you use it as external fx? I can track into Cubase with it but i cannot seem to figure out how to set up so that the track i record can route out into the Flock Patch and into my analog gear and back into Cubase 12pro. Any help is appreciated. I’ve looked at the tutorials etc, On YouTube but i hope someone that uses it can help me. Thanks again :call_me_hand:t4::pray:t4:

Hi… I use two Flock Audio patch systems. I use the Cubase external effects to assign i/o to my various Lynx Aurora converters and use those assignments within the patch system. I then assign all my analog gear to the patches and from there its easy… Simply drag the gear you need and drop onto the patch playing field. Once completed, use the external fx busses and apply them to the cubase channels you need them on.

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Thank you so much. I have been thinking this is likely the only way to do it. So just to see how confused i might be, here is my routing info:
I send 1-8 in and out of my Apollo X8 and then route the rest of the analog gear i/o to 9-16, etc.
Would you be able to send any type of screenshot of your Cubase I/O routing just too dumb it down even more for my brain. LOL. I have the gear and everything routed correct i believe, but I’m just trying to dial it in. I am having a brain glitch on this for whatever reason. I will work on getting it right today.
Thanks again either way, i love the Flock but am only utilizing it on the way in and it’s killing me! :call_me_hand:t4::pray:t4:

Hi… Yeah I was the same way… Took me a while to figure it out… Here are a couple of screen shots… Please let me know if you need more…

You really have no idea how awesome your help is. I’ve never really went in a forum before this over the years, but there was nothing on Flock within Cubase anywhere online that i could find. I’m so appreciative. I’ll definitely update once i can get in the studio and try this all out! :pray:t4::100::pray:t4: