Using Groove Agent as sample trigger

I’m looking for advice on steps to use recorded drum samples for a supplemental kit preset .

I usually have 4 samples (i.e. KickIn, KickIn, KickOH stereo, and Kick room) with each of those samples recorded in 4 velocity levels.

Ideally, I could place all 16 samples on a pad and mix the individual mic-sample levels differently for each of the 4 velocity levels. Then my kick-midi track would be represented by 4 separate notes, thus triggering the coinciding velocity.

I guess another way would be to put each sample on a separate pad stacked with the each velocity level, but still it seems GA is limited to 3 samples per pad.

Anyone here have this workflow figured out?


not according to the documentation?

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Thanks @Nico5 ! It didn’t make sense to me since Halion handles this complexity. I’ll need to dig in more.

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