Using Groove Agent with a Yamaha DTX drum kit

I am trying to track drum parts by actually playing them on a Yamaha electronic kit! It seems to be so complicated to find a kit in the hundreds of pre-set kits to fit the stock configuration of a standard 5 piece drum kit? I’m tracking in MIDI and also would like to have each drum show up in separate tracks. Is this possible to do without having to manually cut and paste each MIDI note to different tracks? FRUSTRATED…

You could activate multiple outputs and then route the drums you want in the mixer and then save a preset. Someone asked this same question in the April Club Cubase - look here

look at 42:55

I also use a DTX 900, but I don’t use it to “play” GA4. However, if I wanted to I would probably create a custom mapping on the DTX brain to match GA - that is usually easiest to me.

Otherwise you can make a Cubase Drum Map to remap your DTX to the GA4 mapping. I would auto create a map and then change the I notes to match the DTX to GA4/