Using Guitar Pro MIDI files in Cubase?

I am new to Steinberg software and Cubase. I do not intend to use it for anything too elaborate except recording guitar tracks.
I have an older drum machine and midi controller that will play full drum tracks of various artists using Guitar Pro software.
It really is quite amazing how well it works considering how old the Boss DR 660 is compared to new technologies. But it is pretty good to use for drums when all else fails.
However,my question is this about MIDI files and using them in Steinberg. Can I use these same MIDI files in the Steinberg software so I can
hear the same drum tracks ? I am curious to how much better the drum tracks will sound using Steinberg Cubase 9.5 LE.
The default drum tracks sound very good and if I can use my own midi files,it will be great to record tracks to play guitar to them?
Or am I way off on how this all works?


Yes, you can import MIDI File(s) to Cubase.

Then you can send the MIDI data to your Boss DR 660 or you can use virtual instruments.

And you can record more audio track(s) and mix all together within Cubase.