Using Guitar rig 5 in cubase 7

Hi, I just got guitar rig 5 pro by Native instruments and to use it in cubase it’s an insert effect ( amp simulator). I got it set it up and am wondering if there a way that I can hear it applied while I’m playing/recording? It seems I can only hear the amp being applied when I play the track back which makes it hard to get the feel for the track while I’m playing it. I’m hoping I’m just missing a simple setting or something.


Hi and welcome,

Check, if there is Mix controller on your Audio Device. If yes, make sure, it is set to DAW, not Direct, please.

Also make sure, Momitor button is switched On, while recording.

Thank you Martin, While the post was being processed I did do a little more research and found the Monitor button (I didn’t even know there was one, haha) was the culprit.

Thanks for the reply!