Using Guitar Rig for re-amping a DI recorded guitar?

Hello folks!
I’ve recorded in Cubase Pro 11 an electric guitar (instrumental) which I recorded in three tracks through a splitter from three sources: two tracks from two valve amps (a Marshall 30th anniversary head and a Blackstar) and a DI box clean track . I also have purchased Guitar Rig with the thought to re-amp DI-ed clean tracks through it. But… it seems that Guitar Rig is working ONLY with MIDI stuff. Is there any way that I could use Guitar Rig to re-amp a clean DI audio track ?
Thanks a bunch for your feedback!

I’m not sure what you mean by “Guitar Rig is working ONLY with MIDI stuff”?
It’s made to use with audio signals like guitar/bass etc. (but can be used with anything really)
Also I’m sure it will be fine with your clean guitar tracks, once you got it going.

Well, I am still new with Guitar Rig and couldn’t find how to call it in Cubase 11 . I possibly must read the manual and so on… boring stuff…
Thanks for your feedback, it’s reassuring !

for the records…
re-amping means to feed a recorded signal to an amp(real analog hardware), to get the sound of the amp during mixdown

You can add Guitar Rig on audio track as Inserts/Send Effect

Hail Kristijan ! Yesss… I found it through ‘Inserts’ ! It works as it’s known to be meant.
And hail all of you folks, you made my rest-of-the-day !

Nice !!!