Using guitar rig with cubase 7 on mac

Help… I’m lost. I’m a convert from sonar which I used way back into it;s early pro audio days but am lost on cubase. How do I get guitar rig working in cubase 7 on a mac?

I just hear a plain guitar sound. I don’t see guitar rig even seeing a signal. I did research and setup guitar rig as an insert and also clicked the speaker icon to monitor but no changes at all.

Any help appreciated! :slight_smile:


Looking into this I have more of the issue.

Using roland quad capture. I’ve been able to enable it in devices as the input. I also went into my mac system pref and changed it to the quad capture. Everything seems right, I can hear it through my speakers but cubase is not sensing the audio whatsoever.

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Aloha D,

Here is a uTube vid that might help.

I say might because it is GRig 3 with Cubase SX but it may be a starting point.

Good Luck!

  1. Set up a stereo track to record to/play through but with a Mono input selected

  2. Open Guitar Rig as an Insert, on the Stereo Input channel from the mixer or the Insert tab in the Inspector for the track you set up

  3. On the Guitar Rig input buttons, only turn ON the channel you need. In my case my 1/4 input goes to the Right side. So I select Mono In 2 for the track and R on Guitar Rig

Now when you play you’ll hear your guitar through Guitar Rig and when you record you’ll be printing the sound you’re hearing from Guitar Rig.

You can set up Guitar Rig as an Insert on your Monitor channel (on the Mixer) instead and not print the Guitar Rig sound. You’ll hear it as you play though. When you play your track back it’ll go through Guitar Rig and you’ll hear the processed sound. The use for that is, you can always go back and tweak the guitar sound. And, if you’re doing lots of edits/comping you can apply the processing in the end and create a bounce of your edited processed track. You’d have a smoother result especially if you’re using delays and/or reverbs.

Personally I prefer to set up a sound and print it and be done.


Wow, this is much different than sonar… Probably me but it seems this is more complicated than it needs to be.

I haven’t had much exp with cubase so keep that in mind.

I found that the signal was really coming through “Stereo In 1”

But also there is the channel I created, arm to record, monitor and have set as my guitar rig channel. Why 2, I don’t know. But anyhow, it must be setup as a stereo in and stereo out or gr will not hear/see the signal and nothing is recorded. I check and in GR I just have the left channel on which is what I’m using.

I’d rather record without the processed signal as it gives me the flexibility to edit the sound (+/- drive, verb, tone etc.)

Any further input? I’m laying down needless stereo tracks and surely taking twice the HD space in doing so.

So much about cubase not making sense to me. Why doubling of channels, what’s up with mic console, 2 and 3, short keys overridden by mac etc.

Ugh, this transition is getting the best of me … lol


Stay strong mon ami.

This is just the ‘learning curve’ thang.

Just keep going/trying/asking questions and you will get there.

It was the same for me so I took the attitude of:
‘If all these other idiots (users) can figure this stuff
so can I’.

And so can/will you. :slight_smile:

Good Luck!

I appreciate that. I know I could figure it all out and your right about that. My complaint is that it’s seeming to not be user friendly. I shouldn’t have to look up tutorials just to record an audio track. Basics should be quite basic. Time is not something I have a lot of with work, family etc. so I’d like something that is more user friendly and logically laid out.

I’ll keep at it but I’m wondering what other daw options might be more user friendly and quicker to the record/mix/enjoy steps.

I’ve been recording for 35 years. It;s not my first rodeo. Reel, cassette bouncing to cassette, 4 track cassette, 3 other daw’s to here. Probably recorded over 30 personal projects over those years solo and with a band.



Sorry! I misled you. Using the Mono input on a stereo track is the way I have to set Waves GTR.

With Guitar Rig, it’s a Stereo input but you only have 1 side, in my case the Right input turned ON in Guitar Rig (just click the L/R buttons at the Inputs at the top of Guitar Rig).

And as I said before, use Guitar Rig as an Insert on the Inputs on Mixer. You can’t do it from the Insert Tab in the Inspector. The Inspector Insert will put Guitar Rig on the track channel. You want it as an Insert at the Input from the Mixer so Cubase will record Guitar Rig. That’s the way any FX would work that you want to print as it goes down.