Using Halion Sonic 2 VST in non-Cubase DAW (Reaper)


Most DAWs require you to copy the DLL file of a VST to a specific directory, or to point the DAW at the DLL directly; the Reaper DAW is the same way. I’ve installed other VSTs successfully in Reaper by copying the respective DLL into the VSTs directoy; however after I copy the “HALion Sonic.dll” file found in “C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins\HALion Sonic” into the Reaper VST directory, Reaper does not recognize it. What step could I be missing?

I’m using Windows Vista on a 32-bit system.


Maybe the dll you found is a 64bit version and therefore can’t be read in Reaper in 32bit?
That would be my guess. I’m a Reaper (x64) user btw, don’t have Halion Sonic 2 yet but I’m really interested in getting it if there is a sale in the future.