Using Halionone instead of Sonic SE

When loading a new midi file the default synth is Halion Sonic SE.
I much prefer working with HalionOne so is there any way to change to it? There is a dialogue box in the midi file preferences page but it only shows Sonic SE.

Yes this is correct… HO has been retired but existing projects from C5/4 that had an instance or more of HO will still continue to load those instances of HO… if you follow me?
Seems like it was done as a sort of stop gap measure to ease the transition as it were.

I see… So I guess the best thing to do if I want HalionOne to be the default is to load the midi file in 5-save-and then reload in 6…

Pretty much yeah :smiley:
When i upgraded to C6 this is exactly what happened to me a quite a few other people…

I have to say this real annoys me because its dictating what I should use-I know what the plot with SE will be-buy more sounds! Im also very very annoyed that the embracer synth has been given the elbow-a synth I used a lot-I dont why it could not have been re-programmed to be used on the newer operating system!

There is a knowledge base article explaining how to get all the HALion One presets in Cubase 6 (I you have Cubase 5 installed).

Many thanks J.L I have done this already :slight_smile:


This doesn’t solve your MIDI file problem John, but is an observation.

If you have saved track presets of HalionOne, they reload in C6. So I nipped into my old C4, made a track preset of my favourite sound the Yamaha S90 and can now use it in C6. You can change presets within the instrument just as before. So the whole instrument becomes available again, make as many instances as you like

I use SE a lot, but I find that it is much slower to load, so for a quick fix, HalionOne is still useful


Aloha John,

Two things,

1-If you plan on one day up-grading your OS to Lion, (10.7)
keep in mind that Rosetta/VST Bridge will no longer work
so this means HAO will no longer work.
I am now 'making my peace. with HASE.


I dont why it could not have been re-programmed to be used on the newer operating system!

In an earlier post one of the mods explained that it is a legal thang.
Steiny no longer has the legal rights to update Embracer/Tonic/Monolouge

Too bad. I too love(d) those plugs.