Using headphones I want to split one audio track into left-right

I use my headphones to record guitar and I use VST plugins I want to know if there’s a way to split the audio track signal into left and right speakers I know you can use the slid bar to go from center to right and left but I want to split that signal for guitar recordings

Not sure what you exactly want to do, tbh. Are you talking about stereo or mono?
You can split a stereo track in Cubase with “Project->ConvertTracks->MultiChannel to Mono” (Splitting Multi-Channel Audio Tracks). I don’t see a good reason to do that, unless you really want to user different plugins on each channel of the stereo track.

You cannot split a mono signal. You can duplicate it, but that only leads to a volume increase.

You can assign a mono track to each side of the stereo input…
Or you can set up the inputs as two mono ins. But it leads to the same.